Unexpected perk

Before I began specializing in additions and remodelling, I framed small housing tracts (5 to 10 homes), as an apprentice carpenter in southern California. We cranked them out as fast as we could, until one day work came to a standstill. 

The five-home tract we were working on was next door to an established neighborhood. There was a pool with a nice deck at the nearest house. We were working away, when one by one the guys on the scaffolding turned around to stare. Two nude females had come out and settled down to sunbathe.

Well, for two hours no work got done. All the guys, sitting on or hanging from the scaffolding, were talking to the girls. Finally, a near-naked guy came out and yelled at the girls to come inside. Of course, for the rest of the day work was interspersed with talk about that unexpected perk of the job. There were some sore thumbs from hammers going awry, but smiles abounded.


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