Crawl Space

One of the least pleasant tasks of remodelling is having to scope out the underpinnings, posts/beams, water lines, and electrical cables beneath a building. It’s not too bad if the space is adequate, but sometimes there is too little space for claustrophobic me. It is also a place where spiders and other critters reside, where broken bottles or rusted metal don’t get swept away.  

However, going aground is part of my free estimating process, if there are foundation, faulty electrical or plumbing issues to be addressed. In New Braunfels, San Marcos, Spring Branch, Canyon Lake, and other parts of the Hill County, scrabbling around under a pier and beam home always gives me a touch of apprehension. There’s no telling what might be seeking relief from the heat and humidity. Being surprised by a scorpion or two will get me scrambling backwards pretty fast.


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