Masterpiece Woodworking

Last fall (2011) our expertl woodworking and finish man, Tyler McCallick, moved his family and business to northern California. However, he continues to work for us long distance, traveling back and forth from his new location with extraordinarily finished consignments.

Since 2003, Tyler has been an integral part of New Millennium Builders, producing excellent cabinets, doors,  bookcases, countertops, and storage windowseats for our clients. He has also been commissioned by several of them to build specialty items using exotic woods such as teak, birdseye maple, ebony, zebra, and purpleheart. His inlay work is superb, his latest marvel being crushed turquoise to fill the crevases of mesquite slabs.

Besides being our ace fine-woodworker, the owner of Masterpiece Woodworking has crafted one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, from a four-poster kingsize bed with drawers to small inlaid boxes with secret compartments, all using dove-tailing and as little metal as possible.

I have needed him on every job since he left Texas and am sorry that he is not readily available any longer. We certainly became used to Tyler McCallick augmenting and accentuating our additions and remodels with his masterful craftsmanship. Although his California website is not up yet, please explore his many projects here: .  If you have a unique design in mind for your home and cannot find it in any store, give him a call at 530-391-2513.


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