Choosing Colors

If you are renovating your current home or having a custom home built, your contractor will need to know your color preferences. It would be most helpful and expeditious if you had a folder of magazine cut-outs of your favorite color schemes.  Your contractor  will not make this important decision for you.

There is quite a difference between choosing colors for your house and actually seeing them on the walls. Very seldom do the first choices become the final choices. The best way to determine how to colorize walls is by buying small samples of paint and painting strips of them on a wall of your home to dry. Since wet paint and dry paint are slightly dissimilar, wait until the paint dries before making your decision.

There are sites online that allow you to visualize interior wall paint, as well as exterior paint; however, they aren’t perfect. So you will definitely want to test the colors and see for yourself.


Touring model homes and open houses in your area could also be helpful in choosing color schemes.


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